The dog ate my homework and other classic excuses.

I’m sick.

It happens. But when your dealing with cancer, it makes things a lot more difficult, like having super high fevers (I won’t even tell you because the number is so scary high I almost didn’t tell my doctor). Let’s just say it was north of 102 degrees.

I’ve been sick since last Tuesday. Apparently there is an intestinal bug going around the area where I live and while it means a couple of days of misery for most, it’s been nearly a week for me and my compromised immune system. There were times during my cancer treatment when I was neutropenic, which meant I had no active immune system and a bug like I’ve got flowing through my blood stream right now would have been fatal. FATAL.

It’s not as bad now (my immune system) but it is certainly not as hardy as yours.

It took everything I had to type this today. I know you’ll want to read what I’ve got to say about the 48 team scoring another title and equally as important (I believe) is Dario Franchitti hanging up his driving gloves.

I’ll be back in a couple of days.

Thanks for stopping by.


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